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Our approach to the event entertainment world work with strength of mind and a positive attitude, there’s nothing we can’t do. Our Outside of the box mentally allows us to surpass any expectation. With event held indoor and outdoor venues ranging from 500 people to 300,000 people, our aim is to foster and extend the existing clientele who have whole-heatedly been dedicated to this movement.

Our Services Include:
• Program development
• Event theming
• Event hosting
• World tours & Dj Bookings
• Entertainment & talent coordination
• Event branding
• Event producing
• Site selection
• Event staffing
• Sponsorship programs
• Distribution and Street Promotions
• Product launches
• Printing & promotional
• Website development
• Body Paint, Entertainers
• Catering, Specialty rentals, Centerpieces & décor
• Event scripting
• Bar services
• Photography
• Audio visual, Videography & production services
• Event rentals & furniture

Disclaimer: Our staff suffers from extreme DTS (Drive To Succeed)!